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roof repairs norfolk vaYour roof is the most important aspect of your home or commercial building. This is the first line of defense against the elements and what protects your building, personal property and the people inside, from exposure. So if your roof is in need of roof repairs in Norfolk, VA or nearby, the sooner you get the problem addressed, the better.

More importantly, the company you rely on to take care of your roofing repairs needs to be a reliable one. Locals here know that the name to trust in is Stevens Roofing Corporation. With over 7 decades of hands-on expertise, you can feel confident knowing a roofing contractor from Stevens Roofing Corporation will get the job done, with expert skill and precision.

Roofing Repair Experts

There are a number of common things that can go wrong with your roofing, many of which are avoidable.

Lack of roof maintenance is a common culprit. Make it a point to get your roof serviced regularly so that you do not run into these types of problems. Schedule your inspections twice a year and following any major storm related activity.

Trees are lovely to have in your yard but can wreak havoc on your rooftop. Make it a point to stay on top of getting your trees trimmed and pruned, in order to keep limbs and branches from growing near or over your roof.

Ignoring leaks or even the presence of moisture is a huge mistake. There is no such thing as a minor leak. All leaks or signs of existing moisture should be treated seriously, as well as promptly and professionally.

Local Leading Service Provider for Roof Repairs in Norfolk & Surrounding Areas

The bottom line is that you need to stay on top of service for your roof, especially if you know or even suspect you need any type of repairs. Let the team of experts here at Stevens Roofing Corporation provide you with the level of expert care and roofing services that you want, need and deserve. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the superior quality results that will help prolong the lifespan of your roofing.

See What Customers Are Saying About Our Roof Repairs

is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 2 happy customer reviews.

“We were very pleased with the repairs to our roof. Your crew did preventive maintenance which exceeded our expectations. The men were very professional and pleasant. We will certainly use and recommend your company in the future.”

| Rated: 5/5

“The young man I referenced in the letter explained in detail the repairs I needed. I was impressed with his attention to detail and his knowledge: “Stevens Roofing Corp, In regard to your customer satisfaction survey, Trinity United Church of Christ is extremely satisfied with the workmanship and professionalism of the Steven’s Roofing staff. In today’s society we often hear when there is complaint to be voiced; however usually those who have something positive to say are usually silent. I want to make sure Trinity is not silent in our satisfaction with you Company. Your representative Tom Jones is impressive, honest, professional and always respectful. He has been and I anticipate will continue to be an asset to Trinity. Due to the age of our building I anticipate a long relationship with Steven’s. In addition, every time I meet one of your roofing technicians I am impressed with their knowledge and workmanship. However, on Thursday May 22, I met two of your employees who impressed me beyond any others. It saddens me that I cannot remember their names because I wanted to give them a personal reference. I am sure you know from your work order records who I am referencing. It always speaks well of a company when you hear the employees speak optimistically instead of pessimistically about their employer. These two young men had nothing but good things to say about their experiences working for Steven’s Roofing Corporation. One of the young men stated that while he was in Afghanistan the Stevens assured him he would be employed with Stevens when he returned. He commented how he received packages from Stevens while on deployment. When I can share stories like that with my congregation, I know that we will always recommend Steven Roofing to any of our associations. Most importantly for Trinity, we know when Stevens make our repairs, we have the best. Thank You and may God continue to bless Stevens Roofing Corporation as you serve the community.”

| Rated: 5/5

For quality roof repairs in Norfolk, VA and the surrounding areas, please call Stevens Roofing Corporation at 757-489-8791 or complete our online request form.

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