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What To Do When Slate Roof Repair Is Needed

What To Do When Slate Roof Repair Is Needed

If you’re the owner of a historic home in Norfolk, VA, there’s a chance your roof is made out of slate.

Slate roofing was and continues to be used due to its gorgeous appearance as well as its durability. It’s not uncommon for slate roofs to last anywhere from 50 to 200 years (depending on the type of slate used) as long as it’s properly maintained. Proper slate roof maintenance requires you make repairs whenever necessary.

Repairing Your Slate Roof

First of all, if there are leaks in your roof, it may not necessarily be the result of damage to your slate shingles. It could be the flashing which needs to be replaced or repaired. A professional inspection can determine exactly what the root of the problem is. However, broken, cracked, or missing slate shingles do leave the roof vulnerable to potential leaks. It’s important to replace any shingles which are damaged or missing. Ignoring the problem can result in damage occurring to the slate shingles surrounding the affected area as well.

The process of repairing a slate roof can be very involved. This is especially true if your slate roof is particularly old. The roofer will need to remove the broken slate or replace the missing slate by creating another slate shingle to fit the space and match the aesthetic of your roof. This can be a real challenge since the shingles of older slate roofs may no longer be available (this is almost always the case if your roof is more than a few decades old). As a result, you’ll want to work with a slate roof repair specialist.

Finding a Reputable Roofer

If you think your slate roof may be in need of repair, which you can often tell by simply doing a visual inspection for damage from the ground, you’ll want to find a reputable slate roof repair specialist. Be sure to look at customer reviews which mention slate roof repairs and ask the roofer if they specialize in historical repairs. Be wary of any roofer who recommends a complete slate roof replacement. Complete replacements are rarely necessary and there should be a good reason for it.

If you need slate roof repair, make sure to hire a reputable slate roof repair specialist. Contact us at Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA, to schedule a slate roof consultation today.

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