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What Can Cause Your Residential Roof To Leak?

man holding a bucket under a roof leak with the caption What Can Cause Your Residential Roof To Leak?

Roof leaks can end up causing widespread damage to your home, which can add up in terms of repair costs. Finding roof leaks early and having them repaired as soon as possible helps prevent severe damage. Knowing what causes a leaky roof and what signs to watch for is an important part of keeping your home safe from water damage.

Interior Signs of Roof Leaks

Storms, wear and tear, and other problems can make your roof more likely to have leaks. Checking the inside of your home for signs of leaks can help you find them sooner rather than later. What interior signs should you be looking for?

Seeing water dripping is the easiest way to discover a roof leak, but this doesn’t always happen. You might also have a leak if you have unexplained spots or stains on your ceilings or walls. Affected areas in your home, such as your walls and ceilings, might also feel soft rather than hard and solid.

Other signs to watch for include visible mold or a mildewy or musty odor. This type of odor might get worse when it’s rainy or damp outside. Your home interior might also feel more humid than usual when you have a roof leak.

Exterior Signs of Roof Leaks

Noticing exterior signs of roof leaks can be harder to do since you should avoid going on your roof. You can still check for evidence of leaks from the ground, though. While looking at your roof from the ground, check for damaged or missing shingles and exposed underlayment or flashing, which could be letting water in.

You might also notice the boots around your vent pipes are damaged or not intact. Other exterior signs you should check for include moss or mold growing on your roof, tree limbs or branches on it, or out-of-place gutters pulling away from your house.

Whether you notice interior or exterior signs of roof leaks, you should have professional roofers come over as soon as possible. Roofers can get up on your roof to inspect it and make prompt repairs.

If you have a roof leak, don’t hesitate to contact Stevens Roofing right away for repairs. Our team provides expert residential roofing services for homeowners in and around the Norfolk area.

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