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Should You Consider Getting Your Gutters Replaced During The Winter?

Should You Consider Getting Your Gutters Replaced During The Winter?

The gutter system is an essential part of your home as it redirects water away from the roof, protecting your building from moisture damage. Over time, your gutters can deteriorate or suffer unexpected damage, calling for a replacement. What happens if your gutters fail in the middle of winter and need to be replaced? Although it’s possible to replace gutters in winter, roofing professionals recommend putting off the project until spring to ensure correct installation and longevity.

Benefits Of Replacing Gutters During Winter

Depending on how extreme the temperature and weather conditions are, sometimes it’s possible and necessary to replace gutters in winter. If there is no extreme cold and little to no snow or ice, it’s possible to replace gutters.

There are a few pros to having a gutter replacement project done in the winter season. For instance, your roofer might find it easier to schedule your project and get the job done since it’s a slow season and very few homeowners are having home improvement works done. Moreover, you may save a significant amount of money in labor and materials as contractors entice homeowners to bring in business during the slow season.

Benefits Of Putting Off Gutter Replacement Until Spring

While you can have your gutters replaced in the winter, it’s always best to wait until the springtime, unless ice and snow buildup pose a danger to your roofing system’s structural integrity. By replacing gutters during the winter months, you’ll be risking potential damage to your new gutter system. Instead of taking your chances, it’s best to do your research during winter regarding your various options and schedule your replacement project in early spring.

Overall, spring is the ideal time to have new gutters installed since the snow has melted and your gutters are typically free of debris, such as leaves. Besides, you can get an accurate assessment of what portions of your gutter system need to be replaced and what can be repaired. If in doubt, speak to a trusted local roofer to evaluate your situation and provide an expert recommendation.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to replace the gutters in your home soon, you can count on professional gutters specialists at Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA. When it comes to gutter installation, repair, and replacement for residential and commercial roofing systems, we are your leading service provider. Contact us today to schedule a free gutter inspection!

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