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Can My Historic Building Have Its Original Roof Restored?

Can My Historic Building Have Its Original Roof Restored?

If you own a historic property in Norfolk or the surrounding areas and are committed to its preservation, it’s understandable to wonder if the original roof can be restored. You’ll be relieved to know restoring an antique roof is certainly possible, but it’s a task best undertaken by a roofing company with plenty of experience.

Historic Roof Restoration Differs From Ordinary Roof Repair

The roof atop your historic home has one thing in common with today’s modern roofs. It is the one critically-important component which safeguards the entire structure -and your home’s interior finishes- from weather-related deterioration. However, your antique roof differs in key ways such as its distinctive architectural element. It helps create your home’s unique character. The techniques used in your roof’s construction may also likely differ from those of a modern roof. There may be one or more materials such as slate, clay tile, wood shingles, copper, lead or galvanized steel.

Consider your roof’s significance and makeup, a roofer who works with new roofs may not give your home’s history and character the respect it deserves. They may not have the knowledge, patience, and attention to detail necessary to carefully bring it back to its original condition.

Ensuring a Successful Historic Roof Restoration Project

If your antique roof needs help being restored to its former glory, begin the restoration without delay to prevent further deterioration. To help make the project a success, be sure to research your roof’s history. Before you embark, learn all you can about your roof’s design, the materials, and its history. Having the roof’s original plans to share can pinpoint any damage it may have sustained and what repairs were completed over the years. This can prove invaluable to your restoration team.

Choose your roofing company with care. You need a restoration specialist who has extensive knowledge and dedication to preserving historic roofing. They should have a proven track record of restoration work. At Stevens Roofing Corporation, we have considerable experience working with all types of historic roofing materials gleaned over seven decades of restoring roofs on historic Virginia properties.

If the roof on your historic home needs attention, contact us today. We are the Norfolk area’s trusted roof restoration specialists.

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