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Historic Roof Series: Historic Roof Vents – How Attic Ventilation Has Changed Over The Years

Historic Roof Series: Historic Roof Vents - How Attic Ventilation Has Changed Over The Years

Roof vents have been essential to building design since they were first invented in ancient China. While they have evolved over the years to become highly modern and sophisticated mechanisms, many older homes still utilize historic roof vents


Let’s look at some more common types of historic roof vents still in widespread use. 


These are some of the most attractive roof vents you’ll find anywhere and typically sit on raised walls above a hole cut into the roof. In many cases, they serve as a support ventilation system due to the high-performance demands of modern families.

Gable Vents

These are static vents most commonly located on the outside walls of a house’s attic, where they can effectively provide an outlet for warm and moist air from the attic. Most gable vents are found beneath the eaves on a home’s sides, at either end of the peak on a gabled roof.

Box Vents

Like most of the entries in this list, these are static vents that utilize natural convection to direct warm air and moisture up and out of the attic. They are usually made of metal or hard plastic and can be placed anywhere on the roof. However, the most common and effective position is up near the roof ridge.

Ridge Vents

These vents differ from box vents or turbines in that they are much longer, stretching across the roof’s top ridge. Because of this extended surface area, they are highly effective ventilation options. 

Moreover, if expert roofing contractors properly install them, they will have a shallow profile, significantly contributing to the property’s aesthetic appeal. 

Wind Turbines

Although these vents have moving parts, they do not require electricity. They rely on the wind for their power and will work wonderfully as long as there is some wind blowing. They are made out of metal and might require regular maintenance, especially if your home is in a particularly windy location. 

Ensure your turbines are regularly lubricated or have plastic bushings installed to ensure they do not squeak and extend their lifespan.


Final Thoughts


Roof vents are designed to help keep homes cool during warmer seasons and prevent ice dams during cooler seasons. Older homes require special attention when repairing, replacing, renovating, or installing roof vents to maintain their delicate structures and aesthetic essence. 

If your home is in Norfolk, VA, and you need any ventilation or general roofing services, trust Stevens Roofing Corporation to deliver. You’ll be glad that you did!




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