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Historic Roof Series: Roof Pitches On Historic Homes. How Are They Different From Modern Houses?

Historic Roof Series: Roof Pitches On Historic Homes. How Are They Different From Modern Houses?

Shelter is one of the core requirements most organisms need to thrive. Humans are no different. A great shelter should protect you from the elements and all dangers of the outside world. In modern times, a shelter needs a roof to be complete. This has been the case since early man. While the need for a roof has stayed the same, roof pitches have significantly changed over the years.

Because of construction and building technology advancements, roofs and roof pitches have significantly evolved. What are the differences between modern and historic roof pitches? Moreover, what is the best roof pitch for your home?


Phasing out historic roof pitches


Early designs of roof pitches were characteristically steep. Aside from the aesthetic quality, homeowners prefer this kind of roof for numerous reasons. These include:

  • Reduced risk of water pooling
  • Potential storage area or extra living space in the upper story
  • Less danger of snow and debris accumulation

These traditional roofs also have one major shortcoming. They are more dangerous to work on, especially for the inexperienced. 


The rise of low-roof pitch designs


Initially, flat roofs were reserved for the industrial and commercial sectors. Over the last century and a half, more homeowners have switched to less steep roof pitches. They have their own benefits, which include ease of repair & easy access. They also present challenges with snow loads and the need to climb onto the roof to remove snow in flat roof situations.


Finding the best roofing expert in Norfolk


Norfolk, VA, receives a considerable amount of snow each year. As such, you’ll find a mix of low and steep roof pitches. Each option has its merits and shortfalls. Nonetheless, getting a professional to undertake all of your roofing needs is essential, especially if you have a historic home. This ensures you end up with a quality roof that lasts a long time and remains historically accurate in its look & feel.

Stevens Roofing is the leading roofing expert in Norfolk, VA. Our staff are highly trained and have years of roofing experience. Our work is undeniable, and the results are guaranteed. Homeowners will sometimes forget about the roof until it’s too late. Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA, ensures all of your roofing needs are expertly handled. Do you want to get the best from your roof? Let the experts help you today. Contact Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA and rest assured your roof remains admirable and fully functional.


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