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What You Need To Know About Historic Roofers And Their Reviews

What You Need To Know About Historic Roofers And Their Reviews

When it’s time to replace your roof, there are a variety of roofing materials to choose from. However, if you have a historic home and want to keep the authentic look, it limits your options. It’s important to work with a historic roofer who knows how to keep the authentic look while also adhering to any regulations in place. It’s also important to ensure the historic roofer is reputable and has good reviews. Here are a few things you need to know about historic roofers and their reviews:

They Preserve the Original Design

When replacing a historic roof, the top priorities should be to preserve the structure for an extended period of time. An experienced historic roofer will strive to represent the true historic character of your home by displaying as much of the original detail as possible. They will source the right roofing materials if the original materials are no longer available on the market. Once the roof is replaced, they’ll put in place a maintenance plan to keep your historic home preserved for years to come.

They Match the Right Roofing Materials

A historic roof is a key element of architectural design and character to a specific time period. If you want to maintain the historical integrity of your home, it’s important to choose the right roofing materials which will retain the original design. A reputable historic roofer will help you find alternative roofing materials to match the original design. Some of the options include:

  • Modern metal replacing metal plated with tin or galvanized with zinc
  • Concrete tiles replacing clay tiles
  • Synthetic slate replacing real slate

They Comply with Historic Roofing Guidelines

If you live in a historically registered home and want to replace your roof, the first place you should visit is your city’s historical commission. Such historical organizations often require a proposal for any construction or alteration to any registered historical building, including roofing and flashing work. They will have the right resources to help you plan any type of exterior renovation to your home. So, you may need the help of an experienced historic roofer to craft a proposal which complies with historic roofing guidelines.

They Have Good Reviews

Reading reviews about potential historic roofing contractors will give you a good idea of their services and abilities from real customers. Getting honest answers from the people who have previously used a company’s services can help you discern the good, the bad, and the ugly. Customer reviews will also help you know you’re spending your money on the right roofing partner. Here are a few honest reviews for Steven’s Roofing in Norfolk, VA.

“We had a great experience from start to finish with Steven’s Roofing and would highly recommend them! The professionalism, quality workmanship, and communication were beyond what we anticipated. Robert, the project manager, was kind, friendly, and considerate. Since the job required access to both of our neighbors’ homes (historic houses super close together), Robert ensured his team of craftsmen kept a clean worksite and a clear daily schedule. I was also happy with communications from Nick, the owner of Steven’s Roofing Company, who expertly guided the whole process and kept us in the loop throughout the project. From ensuring quality workmanship to coordinating with my insurance company, the entire crew at Steven’s Roofing replaced my 120-year-old slate roof that was damaged by a storm. They also maintained a respectful and wonderful relationship with our neighbors, so I would recommend them for any job concerning historic homes.”

“Stevens Roofing replaced the red tile roof on our 1908 Mediterranean House in West Ghent, Norfolk. Surprisingly, they managed to salvage most of the original roof tiles, which ensured the end product had a vintage look we preferred and saved us money. They also sourced antique white galvanized steel gutters, which blended seamlessly with the stucco. Overall, I am very happy with the final outcome and will highly recommend the company.”

At Stevens Roofing Corp, we strive to provide exemplary roofing services to clients throughout Norfolk, VA. While we do specialize in skilled historic restorations and high-end roofing services, there is so much to it than that. We primarily focus on premium roofing systems such as tile, slate, wood, and copper. However, our skilled roofers also offer gutter cleaning, leak repairs, and more. So, whether you are searching for a reliable historic roofing contractor in Norfolk or someone around Richmond who can install or maintain gutters for your home, Stevens Roofing has you covered. We strive to provide roofing services our local customers need, and we’ve been consistently doing it for over 70 years now. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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