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How Vital Are Gutters For My Roofing System?

How Vital are gutters for my roofing system

Here’s a bit of philosophy for you: what is the purpose of gutters? Your Norfolk-area home’s gutters do more than keep your head from getting dripped on as you walk on and off your front porch. Are gutters really important to your home’s health?

What Do Gutters Do?

Gutters are actually part of your home’s integrated roofing system. They divert runoff from the roof into downspouts and — here’s the critical part — away from your foundation walls. Whether you have French drains or just downspout extensions, the farther you can direct rainwater away from the sunken foundation of your Norfolk home, the better.

What Happens When Your Gutters Fail?

Gutters protect the three or so feet of soil around the foundations from becoming sodden with water. Wet soil will eventually leech water into the foundations, weakening them. Smoothly functioning gutters are vital signs of proper foundation and roof health.
Water can also back up over clogged gutters and rot the fascia, or horizontal molding, behind the gutter. Fascia strips help seal up your attic area, keeping moisture (and pests) out. Rotted fascia boards lead to water infiltration, which leads to increased humidity, mold, and mildew.

Why Should You Hire A Professional For Gutter Cleaning?

Perhaps your Norfolk-area home is a single story. You may be safe climbing a ladder to clean your gutters, but even for one-story homes, safety first! Gutters need regular maintenance to prevent clogs. Many homeowners leave that work to trained professionals, who assume the risk to themselves and accept liability if they damage your home.

Why Clean Gutters At All?

If gutter cleaning is so risky, why should you have yours cleaned? Clogged downspouts, missing gutter screws, or bent gutters can all cause water to back up during a heavy deluge. The trapped water is prime breeding ground for insects. It is also the path for water infiltration into your home’s attic space. Worst of all, soggy ground next to your foundation leads to weakened foundations, a prohibitively expensive repair. Clean and clear gutters are important!

Autumn or Fall?

Nature lovers call the season autumn, but homeowners know it is fall because of the leaves falling into gutters and onto roofs. Stevens Roofing Corporation offers a gutter cleaning service to tackle those falling leaves head-on, so your gutters stay dry and free of debris. This protects your roof, attic, and foundation all for the price of one gutter cleaning service. Contact us today to learn more!


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