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Why Do You Even Need Gutters On Your Home?

Graphic of squirrel sitting in a gutter with the caption, "Why Do You Even Need Gutters On Your Home?"

Gutters are a critical yet overlooked component in roofing and construction. There are several misconceptions and confusion on whether or not you even need gutters for your home. The truth is; you need a gutter system for your home regardless of the prevailing weather situation in your area.

What Gutters Do for Your Home

Gutters are designed to collect and direct rainwater away from your house and foundation. When you keep your gutters clean and functioning correctly, they will continue to do their job.

By channeling water away from your home, you get the following benefits:

  • Prevents erosion: Without functional gutters, rainwater would pour directly next to your building, eroding the soil around the house and yard.
  • Protect your foundation: Too much water seeping into your home’s foundation can be expensive to fix and can even compromise the structural integrity of your home.
  • Protect siding: When excessive water from your roof slowly drips into your home’s siding, it can stain and even rot the siding, reducing its life span.
  • Prevent flooding: Gutters direct water toward a drain and safely away from your home, eliminating puddles that can lead to flooding.

Why You May Need Gutters On Your Home

Especially in Norfolk, VA, it’s more likely you should install gutters on your home. Although gutters will require regular cleaning and maintenance to function correctly, the task is well worth the effort as it prevents potentially costly and risky problems with your home’s foundation.

The Best Gutters for Homes

The best gutters are made of aluminum and are seamless. Aluminum gutters are generally lightweight, rust-proof, and easy to work with. They are weather-resistant and will maintain their integrity even in colder climates. 

These gutter systems also hold paint well and come in seamless models which can be custom-made to fit your house out of a single, long sheet of metal. The advantage with seamless aluminum gutters is they don’t have joints and seams where most gutter systems fail after years of wear and tear. 

Working with a Professional Gutter Installer

Whether you are more concerned with stunning aesthetics or looking for maximum savings, there is a rain gutter system to meet your specific needs. Talk to our certified gutter installers at Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA, to determine which type of gutter will work best for your home and budget. We will ensure your gutter system is installed correctly to provide long-lasting service. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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