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What Size Gutters Do You Need On Your Home?

Graphic of man measuring side of house with caption, "What Size Gutters Do You Need On Your Home?"

No two homes or gutter systems are created equal. Regardless of the style or size of your home, every guttering project has unique requirements. Although 5-inch and 6-inch gutters are the industry standard, proper sizing will depend on several factors.

Generally, 5-inch gutters can handle the rainwater on most residential homes in most parts of the country. If your house has a big, steep roof or is located in a climate prone to heavy rainfalls, you may need larger gutters and an extra number of downspouts to prevent rainwater from overflowing.

How to Figure Out the Right Size of Gutters 

Choosing the right size of gutters for your home will depend mainly on the square footage of your roof’s drainage area. The larger the roofing system, the more water it will produce.

In addition to the size of your roof, the slope/pitch is another crucial consideration. As a general rule of thumb, choose 6-inch gutters for larger and steeper roofs and 5-inch gutters for smaller, low-slope roofs. Larger gutters typically hold more water, making them ideal for areas receiving heavier rains. 

However, different conditions may call for an adjustment in gutter size. Always consult with your roofing contractor to get the size right the first time.

Sizing Downspouts

A third important consideration is the size of downspouts. You should worry more about the size and spacing of your downspout rather than the size of your gutters. Larger downspouts will ensure the water channeled through the gutter troughs is directed away from your home’s foundation. 

Keep in mind the amount of rainfall in your area to correctly determine your downspouts’ right size. An area that receives heavier rains will require wider downspouts. 

Problems with Overflowing Gutters

Incorrect gutter and downspouts sizing can cause clogging and lead to problems in your home. For example, overflowing rainwater can ruin your lawn, wash away parts of your yard, damage the foundation, cause ice dams, damage the roof, and much more. This plays into why you might need larger gutters.

You also need 6-inch gutters instead of 5-inch gutters if you have lots of trees surrounding your home. Larger gutters and downspouts will efficiently send away debris without clogging and requiring frequent cleaning.

Working with a Trusted Gutter Specialist

If you plan to install a new rain gutter system, it’s wise to work with a professional. At Stevens Roofing, we install high-quality aluminum seamless gutters and other gutter systems for residential homes throughout Norfolk, VA. Our crews are highly skilled and will help you choose the right gutter size and color to suit your home’s décor. We will securely fasten your gutters and downspouts with hidden mount straps to ensure both aesthetics and durability. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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