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Behind The Scenes Of A Beautiful Copper Roof Replacement

Behind The Scenes Of A Beautiful Copper Roof Replacement

Roofing in America has come a long way since the days of using tree bark and animal skins which failed to lock out rodents and insects. These early roofs were not waterproof and degraded quickly. Copper emerged in the colonial era as a durable roofing material in which many of these roofs are still intact, but may need restoration to improve the shine. Here’s a look at copper roof installation and repair.


Copper Roof Tearoff and Replacement


Some of the major reasons why copper became a desired roofing material are its durability, ¬†energy efficiency, aesthetic beauty and increase in property value. It’s also a fireproof solution. Because it is lightweight, it puts less strain on the underlayment. However, installing or repairing copper roofing requires extra care and takes longer than more common roofing projects. You will likely find in your contractor search that copper roofing specialists are rare compared with more conventional contractors.


One of the issues copper roof owners must understand is improper repair work may result in the copper changing the wrong color. Factors which cause color changes include excessive heat, chemical spills, and careless installation. The work requires a team effort among a well-trained roofing crew to ensure quality results.


After Copper Removal

Restoring an old copper roof requires knowledge about the three different types of copper roofing, which are copper shingles, standing seam copper, and flat seam copper. As the world becomes more eco-friendly it’s important to remember copper is recyclable and should not be thrown away. After the copper roof is removed it can still be reused and last hundreds of years.


Why You Need a Trusted Contractor


Copper requires special skills and hands-on experience beyond standard roofing. The contractor must have a sense of artistry as well as utility to ensure it is installed properly. If you try to cut corners and work with someone who isn’t certified, licensed, or insured, you may end up with expensive problems which call for more work than necessary had you chose an experienced copper roofing specialist.


Your choice of copper roofing shows your taste for longevity and eye-catching curb appeal. Make sure your roofer has experience in copper installation and repair and can give references for previous work. Contact us at Stevens Roofing Corp to learn more about how our confident team members perform the precise quality methods of installing or repairing a copper roof.

Is a Copper Roof Worth the Expense?


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