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Is a Copper Roof Worth the Expense?

Northfolk Copper RoofAs you shop around for a new roof for your Norfolk area home, you might run across a copper roof. You might also dismiss this option after considering the upfront cost, which can be a bit high relative to other roofing types. However, you shouldn’t brush aside the idea of getting a copper roof so quickly.

After all, a copper roof can provide some great benefits for your Norfolk home — benefits which you’ll get to enjoy for many DECADES to come. So, before you write off copper roofing as a possible solution for your home, stop and consider that it may be more than worth the initial cost because of the following benefits:

Copper Is a Long-Lasting Roofing Option

Even the most reasonably priced roof is bound to set your finances back substantially. Unfortunately, this isn’t an expense you can afford to forgo (no one can live in a roofless home, after all). So, when you shell out the money for a new roof, you may want to make double sure that you’re going to get many decades of use out of it.

In terms of longevity, few roofing options can hold a candle to copper roofing. It will stand strong for decades while requiring less upkeep than other roofing options such as slate and clay — which is saying a lot considering the quality of those roof types. If you’re shopping for a roof that will go on and on for years and years, you can’t beat copper.

Copper Requires Relatively Little Upkeep

We mentioned above that copper requires less maintenance than some other roofing types do, and that reduced need for upkeep will prove to be great news for your bank account. After all, the cost of roofing repairs can build up over the years. After enough years, you’ll be begging for a way to reduce your roofing repair needs.

That’s another reason why a copper roof is more than worth getting. Aa a resilient roofing option, copper won’t suffer from as much day-to-day damage as other roofing options might. What’s more, you won’t have to deal with roof decay with a copper roof. These qualities come together to save you money on roof maintenance.

Copper Will Pay Off Big Time If You Decide to Sell Your Home

Though a home is intended to be a long-term purchase, you might not live in it for your entire life. At some point down the road, you may want to move — which will require you to get your current home sold. When it comes time to sell, you’ll find two qualities to be indispensable for the process: curb appeal and resale value.

If you went ahead and invested in a copper roof, then you’ll be thanking your past self when it comes time to put your home on the market. This beautiful and durable roofing option will give your home loads of curb appeal and resale value, making it an excellent installation to have for when you decide to list your home.

Interested in a Copper Roof? Then Call Our Norfolk Roofing Contractors

Do all of these qualities make it sound as though a copper roof could be the best option for your Norfolk home? Then give the roofing contractors at Stevens Roofing Corporation a call. We provide top-quality copper roofs that will let you enjoy all of these great benefits for years to come.

If you need help from a local roofing contractor in the Norfolk area, please call Stevens Roofing Corporation at 757-489-8791 or complete our online request form.

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