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Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Norfolk Virginia Home

Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Norfolk Virginia Home

When it’s time to replace the roof on your home, what are you going to replace it with? If you want a stylish look to last for decades, metal roofing is the right choice. It brings many benefits to your Norfolk Virginia home.

Long Lasting

A metal roof can last 50 years or more. It is one of the most durable roofing material on the market.

Stylish and Colorful

Some people question whether a metal roof will look good with their style of home. Metal roofs come in a multitude of styles so you can find one to work with your home’s exterior. Plus, you can get metal roofs in a number of colors to add your own personal touch.

Wind and Fire Resistant

Metal is naturally resistant to fire. Your roof will not catch on fire if sparks hit it. Metal also brings rigidity which makes it wind and uplift resistant. So when the next weather system arrives your roof can withstand most of the winds.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofs reflect the sun’s heat away from the house, unlike asphalt shingles which absorb it. With a metal roof, many homeowners find their air conditioning bills are up to 40% less. Plus, metal roofs provide great insulation in the winters, lowering heating bills.

Less Weight

A 100-foot square of asphalt shingles weighs in at approximately 400 pounds. A similar square of 26 gauge metal roofing weighs approximately 100 pounds. The lighter the load on the roof means the roof structure will last longer.

Fully Recyclable

Many metal roofs are made with recycled content (some up to 95%) which makes it an eco-friendly product. The fact that the roof is completely recyclable at the end of its life makes it all the better.

Corrosion and Crack Free

Today’s metal roofs have coatings which prevent corrosion. The metal remains solid and won’t crack like other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles.

Easy Maintenance

A metal roof doesn’t need special attention. Clean the gutters at least once a year. Remove branches which land on the roof. Get an inspection every few years. Make minor repairs as needed.

These many benefits show why a metal roof is a perfect choice for your home. If you want to learn more, contact Stevens Roofing Corporation today. We have been proudly serving our neighbors in Richmond, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads since 1946.

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