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Why Copper Roof Repair Is A Specialty Service

Why Copper Roof Repair Is A Specialty Service

Lady Liberty in New York Harbor is copper. She is not shiny reddish-brown copper but a blue-green, a patina she acquired, says the American Chemical Society, over her many years of dedicated service standing in slightly polluted air and inviting the tired, the poor, the huddled masses.

She is still copper, though, and requires special care. A copper roof requires special care, too.

Elemental Copper

Copper is a naturally occurring element, known to the ancients for its luster, malleability, and beauty. It is, impressively, in the same chemical family as silver and gold but is far less expensive and more abundant.

Working copper requires a sense of artistry, a knowledge of chemistry, and a willingness to go above and beyond ordinary roofing work.

Copper has been used in roofing for hundreds of years. It is a great material for flashing, even if much of a roof is slate or fiberglass-asphalt shingle. Copper also makes a breathtaking statement as shingles, standing seam, or flat seam roofing.


If your Norfolk-area home has historic value, is old enough to give you pause about replacing original parts, or has the embedded value of a copper roof, you need a local, dependable roofer with real experience in copper roofing.

Historic roof restoration is no amateur’s game. You need a contractor who not only can point to previous copper roofing jobs, but appreciates the high stakes of getting a restoration right.

Uppermost with any roof is to protect your home’s interior. With a copper roof, though, any repair work can telegraph through color changes on the copper. Too much heat, a chemical spill, or rough abrasion can ruin part of the copper roof. The finished job very much depends on the skill, care, and training of the roofing crew.


Lady Liberty looks blue-green only after years of changing from reddish-brown to pinkish red to blackish brown to bluish green. She is done going through her chemical changes, but your roof may not be. A green copper roof is beautiful, natural and normal. So too is a reddish-brown one!

Experts at copper roof repair can explain to you how a copper repair can harmonize with your current copper roof, through careful repair and artificial aging.

Find out what a high-quality, professional roofer with expertise in copper roof repair, historical roof repairs, and more can do your Norfolk home. Contact us at Stevens Roofing Corporation today.

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