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2 Things To Do After Your Roof Is Damaged By A Storm

rain falling off a roof with the caption 2 Things To Do After Your Roof Is Damaged By A Storm

Storm damage on your roof can leave your home exposed to various elements besides compromising the structural integrity. If left unresolved, your house may suffer interior damage, resulting in costly roof repairs or replacement. It’s vital to have an action plan of what to do after storm damage. Here are two:

1. Call an Expert

Calling a roofer is the first thing you should do when you have damage after a storm. The roofer’s main job is to inspect the damage and estimate the repair work or replacements needed to restore the roof. Below are four reasons why you need to call a roofer ASAP:

  • Determine Damage – An expert roofer will inspect all areas to give you an accurate report of what has been damaged.
  • Plan For Repair – Once you determine the damage, the roofer will help you estimate what needs to be done to restore the roof.
  • Find A Solution – You can discuss possible solutions (repair, replacement, upgrade to storm-proof roofing options, etc.) and determine the best choice for your needs.
  • Prevent Further Damage – A roofer will tell you what to do to prevent more significant damage to the roof and interior structures, including how to control leaks and heat loss.

2. Hire a Licensed Local Roofer

Once you know what’s been damaged and the solution, the next step is to hire a reputable local roofer to perform a repair or complete replacement. Working with a licensed roofer is critical after a storm damages your roof. You should stay away from storm chasers as much as possible. Most offer sub-par services and have little knowledge of your local area. They also disappear as fast as the storm, and it will be nearly impossible to reach them if you face future issues.

On the other hand, a local roofer with knowledge of your area is easy to contact. They are also more accountable and rely on quality services to maintain a good reputation and attract new clients. Make sure you work with a licensed roofer or roofing company with many years of experience, quality service guarantees, adequate coverage, and positive reviews from customers.

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Storm damages can quickly escalate to costly repairs and replacements. If your roof has been torn apart by a storm, you need a prompt solution from reliable experts. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA. Contact us today to restore your roof’s functionality, integrity, and aesthetics.

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