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How To Estimate Your Shingle Roof Replacement Cost

How To Estimate Your Shingle Roof Replacement Cost

The cost of putting a new roof on your home is probably the first thing you’ll want to know when you realize your current roof needs to be replaced. Every roof and every home situation is different, so the final price tag on a roof replacement is going to vary.

Number of Stories

The overall pricing of the job is dependent on the house, such as how many stories you have. Working on a house with two or more stories requires more time and equipment to remove the old layer, get materials on the roof, and complete the new roof. Extra equipment and labor can add cost to the project.

Square Footage of Your Roof

The square footage of your roof is very different from the square footage of your home. The more square footage, the more surface area there is and the more it will cost in labor and materials. A ranch-style home, for example, will have more area than a two-story house.

Roof Pitch

The roof’s pitch is also an important factor affecting shingle roof replacement costs. Roofers need to be able to move around the roof and do their job without taking unnecessary risks.

A very steep roof may not be walkable and may require additional staging and the use of scaffolding and safety equipment. The extra time, effort, and equipment will drive up the replacement costs.

Number of Layers

For the most part, the size and complexity of the job determines the cost of roof tear-offs. Having more than one layer of shingles means old roof removal will take longer and involve more labor. Also, the more material there is, the more it costs to dispose of.

Type of Material

There’s a wide range of roofing materials available on the market with varying prices. Asphalt shingles are the most popular and most affordable materials on the market today, but they also vary in price based on the brand and quality. Clay and concrete tiles, metal, traditional slate, and wood shakes are more expensive materials with their own pros and cons, which would drive up the price of your replacement.

Replacing Bad Decking

Neglecting your roof or putting off repairs for so long can leave you with a rotted roof decking or sheathing. Roof decking connects the roof to your house and also impacts the performance of your whole roof. If it’s rotted, it must be replaced, which will increase the materials and labor costs.

Get an Accurate Shingle Roof Replacement Estimate

When you need a new roof in Norfolk, VA, consider getting a full on-site estimate from Steven’s Roofing. We will visit your property, inspect the health of the roof system, and do some measurements to give a detailed estimate. Contact us and let’s talk about your shingle roof replacement.

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