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What Are Some Gutter Terms You Need To Know For Your Home?

What Are Some Gutter Terms You Need To Know For Your Home?

When working with your gutter technician, you may hear them use industry-specific terms you may not be familiar with. While you certainly can ask for clarifications, understanding key guttering terms before you jump into a conversation with a contractor can help you make an educated decision when it comes to replacing or repairing your gutters.

We’ve taken time to piece together this list of common terms associated with gutters. Let’s take a look.

Gutter Terms

Downspout: It is also known as a water spout or drain pipe. A downspout is a vertical, lightweight pipe that carries rainwater from the gutter to the ground level. It is connected to a hole in the gutter trough and runs along the side of your home. The other end bends outward to direct water away from your home in a controlled manner, preventing soil erosion and foundation damage.

Endcap: A flat, formed piece that attaches to and closes off the end of the gutter. It gives the gutter a more finished look and helps keep stray debris or water from escaping the gutter.

Fascia: The long, horizontal board which runs along under a roof edge. It covers the exposed trusses at the point where the walls meet the rooftop. The fascia board anchors gutters in place, gives a tidy finish to a home, and keeps water from entering the roof space.

Hanger: This is a bracket which attaches the gutter section to the fascia board. It is responsible for providing stability and support for the entire gutter system. Common types of gutter hangers include hidden, wrap-around, spikes and ferrules, brackets and straps, and T-bar hangers.

Gutter: A channel or trough installed at or just below the roofline to collect the runoff from your roof. It runs horizontally along the roof edge and drains rainwater into the downspout. Gutters come in various styles and are made from aluminum, stainless steel, copper, vinyl, or zinc.

Gauge: Used to describe the thickness of the gutter material. The different gauges are commonly known as light (.019 to .025 inches thick), medium (.027 inches thick), and heavyweight (.032inch). The industry standard for aluminum gutters is .027 gauge.

Pitch: The slope or angle at which a gutter is tilted to force water to flow toward a downspout. Gutters must be pitched in accordance with the location of the downspout.

Ice Dams: Ridges of ice that form at the roof edge during the winter months. Ice dams result from the snow that has melted and then refrozen due to an abnormally warm roof or excessive snow and ice accumulation in the gutters. The water backs up behind the dam can tear off your gutters and leak into your home.

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