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Historic Roof Series: Details On Historic Roofs And How They Change The Feel Of Your Home!

Historic Roof Series: Details On Historic Roofs And How They Change The Feel Of Your Home!

Have you ever wondered why most historic homes have a unique, enchanting character? The answer is: eye-catching historic roof details! A beautifully crafted historic home needs an exceptional roof with several elements to stand out. These include suitable dormers, skylights, and chimneys. If yours lacks any of these, or the ones it has are dilapidated, schedule a sit down with historic roof specialists.  

Read on to learn more about vital features that every historic roof needs.

Indispensable Historic Roof Details

The following elements make historic roofs outstanding:


You’ve likely noticed that many historic homes have what appear to be small rooms with windows projecting out from the rest of the roof. These structures are called dormers. Most homeowners use them to create additional window openings in their roof plane and usable space in the loft.

You can use a dormer to create an appealing visual statement by breaking up your historic building’s roofline. This feature can also let in more natural light and make upstairs spaces livable.


Back in the day, people called skylights roof lanterns. Very few, if any, use this archaic name, but the features themselves are more popular now than ever. Homeowners in droves are installing them because they help to let in more refreshing light and make stuffy rooms usable. 

Plus, people use them to replace artificial lighting and cut energy bills.

If you have a historic home without skylights, get it now. If possible, install slope skylights because they can fit on any flat or sloped part of your roof. You can also try solutions like hallway skylights and capture the magic of sunlight in more than just stuffy rooms.


Admittedly, a chimney’s actual function should be removing unwanted fumes from the house. This feature was prevalent in the olden days when most households used wood or coal to heat their homes. With this in mind, if you live in a historic home, consider installing a chimney, even if you use modern alternatives to open fires like electricity. Why?

With careful planning, a chimney can make a historic roof a thing of beauty. And if you already have this structure but want to make it more appealing, several additions can help you achieve historic appeal. Begin with installing unique features, like a decorative copper chimney cap.


Slate shingles are the most common roofing material for historic homes in Virginia and the US. Many homeowners prefer slate shingles because they are incredibly durable and can last for decades. A slate roof is also energy efficient and low-maintenance.

More importantly, many homeowners go for slate because it’s a beautiful, highly regarded material. Its natural stone hue can be an eye-catcher, more so on an elegant historic roof.

Does your historic Virginia home need roofing services? Contact Steven’s Roofing Corp in Norfolk, VA. We handle diverse projects, including historical roof restoration and repairs. Reach out now for more information.


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