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Historic Roof Series: The Most Common Colors For Historic Roofs In Virginia


Historic Roof Series: The Most Common Colors For Historic Roofs In VirginiaThe color of a replacement roof for your historical home should reflect the era of the original construction. Specific original colors can still be found today; others are inspired by the original shade while not matching exactly. Either way, historic roof colors are available to bring out the detailed woodwork associated with these beautiful homes. A roofing company experienced in historical construction can guide you when choosing an appropriate color roof for your home. Here are several colors and styles common for historical home roofs in Virginia:

Slate Roofing

Here in Virginia, slate roofing is very popular for historical homes. Colors include red, green, blue-gray, and even purple. Available dating back to the 1700s, slate was imported until better transportation in the 1900s made it possible to make and ship slate roofing here in the USA at a reduced cost. Seen on many colonial homes, the wide variety of colors with slate roofing makes it an appealing option. Today, synthetic slate is available to maintain its original appearance while being lighter and less costly.

Wood Shakes

Popular colors for Wood Shakes include gray, red, and brown. Dating back to the 18th century, the wood was coated with oil for protection from the sun and rain. The oil also served to extend its lifespan. By the 19th century, wood shakes became the most popular roofing for residential and commercial buildings. In the South, homebuilders used cypress and oak to construct these wood shakes.

Designer Asphalt Shingles

In recent years, a popular roofing material for the budget-minded homeowner is designer asphalt. Designer asphalt can maintain the original look of your roof because of its many styles, textures, and colors. Using this material, you achieve good protection for your home at a lower cost.

Historic Roof Colors

The most popular historic roof colors for homes in Virginia and the southern US are shades of blue and blue-gray, red, and green. Always check with your local historical society for any roofing types and color restrictions for homes to maintain historical classification.

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