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When You Need To Call A Historic Roof Specialist

When You Need To Call A Historic Roof Specialist

When do Norfolk-area homeowners and business owners need a roofer specializing in historic roof replacement? Must your home or business have a bronze plaque attached to the front to warrant a specialist?  

Historic or Just Old?

While many structures in and around Norfolk have been graced with registration in the National Historic Register as sites worthy of preservation, not every historic structure appears in the Register. Then, too, not every old structure is historic.

The Register lists over 100 Virginia buildings and sites. But, just because a structure is not in the register, it still may hold historic value to you, the owner. Perhaps it was handed down in your family. Perhaps you simply value its old-fashioned craftsmanship.

A specialist in restoring and repairing historic roofs will respect your wishes. The roofing company which does historic roof repair understands the strong bond that develops between a building’s owner and their majestic, venerable building.

In short, if you value your home or business because of the story it tells, you value it enough to want a historic roof specialist for:

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Preservation
  • Seamless replacement of worn-out materials

Beloved Details

A historic roof specialist honors the beloved details and personal touches of the unnamed craftsmen who hand-built your historic roof. From correct materials to appropriate finishes, today’s historic roof specialist will work hard to match everything about your roof. Right down to the correct flashing, suitable fasteners, and historically accurate roofing parts.

Whether you have a natural metal (copper), slate, tile, shake or shingle roof, a historic roof specialist will take the time to patiently bring it back to weather-tight, original condition.

Norfolk Problems

Norfolk offers some unique challenges to a historic roof specialist. The high salt content of sea air damages metal surfaces, etches wood, and erodes tile. Ice storms and freeze-thaw cycles can break slate and split metal flashing. Moist conditions can invite algae and fungal growths.

For Norfolk problems, you need an experienced, Norfolk roofer specializing in historic roof restoration. Other roofers install modern shingles by the truckload. Few have the knowledge and methods for historic roof preservation.

Whether your home or business is on the National Register or is just dear to your heart, please contact Stevens Roofing, your local and reliable historic roof specialist for the Norfolk area. We will be happy to inspect your roof, make recommendations, and provide full service to your historic masterpiece.

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