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What Qualifications Are Needed To Be A Historic Roofing Contractor

What Qualifications Are Needed To Be A Historic Roofing Contractor

If you own a historic home, finding the right roofing contractor can be challenging. These roof types require an experienced contractor who has worked on historic roofs. The contractor needs to understand the care necessary to repair them.

Licensing requirements for roofing contractors vary according to the state they work in. In the Norfolk, Virginia area, there are a lot of historic roofs. It takes a specialized contractor who understands the value of these to work on them, and if you need a historic roofing contractor, choose carefully. You want a licensed contractor with plenty of historic roof restoration experience.

What Qualifications are Needed to be a Roofing Contractor?

Having a contractor’s license shows customers they are educated and trained in roofing. A license proves the contractor has experience in the field. When you choose your roofing contractor, make sure they are licensed.  

For a roofing contractor to obtain a license, they have to submit:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of education
  • Evidence of experience in the field
  • Their test results from the contractor’s exam
  • A background check
  • A credit check
  • Pay a licensing fee
  • Some states require those requesting licenses to have actual job experience. Some also require they prove financial responsibility

Why You Need a Licensed Qualified Historic Roofing Contractor

It is not hard to find a low-cost, unlicensed contractor who will agree to restore your roof. This option, however, could end up costing you more money. The reasons you should hire a licensed historic roofing contractor are: 

  • Licensed Historic Roofers Know the Industry – A licensed contractor has had to prove their expertise in the industry. A historic roofer will understand the difference in standard roof repair and what’s needed for historic roof restoration. These roofers know how to research your roof and determine the historic techniques appropriate for the right work. 
  • Licensed Historic Roofers Will Offer a Contract – A written contract protects you. This contract will detail the scope of the project and the materials needed to complete it. Contracts also give you a timeline for how long the work will take. A licensed contractor should include a ‘mechanic’s lien’ in the agreement. This lien protects you from responsibility for and unpaid bills to their suppliers. 
  • Historic Roofing Contractor has Specialty Techniques – Hiring a historic roofing contractor ensures your roof’s uniqueness is preserved. This contractor will understand the challenges involved:
    • Aesthetics You will want the character of your home preserved. A historic roofing contractor will have the experience needed to keep your home looking as it should. They will preserve as much of the originality as possible. If new materials are necessary, there are new products to mimic the look of older ones used in homes. 
    • Structure Differences Today’s homes are built on different decking than those from the past. A historic roofing company will understand how to work with these materials.
    • Ventilation Your house has to have proper ventilation in order to breathe. Older homes have a history of expelling air, but often have an insufficient method for intake. Historic roofing contractors recognize and correct this issue to keep your roof healthy.

How to Choose a Good Historic Roofing Contractor

Make sure your roofing contractor understands the value of your home. They need to realize the historical significance and the materials required to restore the value. You will also want to do a bit of research to make sure they are licensed. Ensure the company also has at least the minimum amount of insurance coverage to protect itself.

It isn’t enough for the roofing company to say they are a historic roofing contractor. It would help if you asked for proof by getting names of projects they’ve completed. Check the references they provide and find out how others liked working with them. You will want to know how they treated the historical value of the roof.

There are five other checkpoints to follow through in hiring a good historic roofing contractor:

  1. They should be a local company. Choosing a company from Virginia will ensure they are aware of weather elements in the area. Choosing a local contractor also benefits your community.
  2. They need to be an experienced historic roofing company. They should be able to provide references for historic roofing restoration jobs they’ve completed. 
  3. They should experience continued safety training. A roofing contractor who provides continual safety training for employees is a quality company.
  4. They can provide reviews. Reading reviews about a company’s past experience is highly beneficial. 
  5. They offer fair prices. If the company is preferred in your area, it should show their rates are competitive and fair.

Stevens Roofing specializes in high-end, skilled historical restoration services. We are ready to show you we can cover all these points and provide the best restoration for your roof’s needs.

With over 70 years of experience, Stevens Roofing understands your roof is one of the most important features of your home. We are dedicated to ensuring it continues to protect your Norfolk, Virginia home. Contact us today for your historic roof restoration!

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