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How Long Do Slate Roof Tiles Last? Are They Worth The Initial Investment?

How Long Do Slate Roof Tiles Last? Are They Worth The Initial Investment?

As a homeowner, you have to factor in different variables when installing certain features in your home. The roof, for instance, has numerous considerations before settling on the ideal roofing solution. When looking at current trends, you’d probably look at popular options like slate roof tiles. Slate tiles are synonymous with elegance and panache. Looking at most modern elegant homes, you’ll notice they’re adorned with slate roof tiles. Homeowners commend this roof type for its durability and long aesthetic appeal, even after installation.  In recent times, many residential homes have switched to slate roof tiles. Is this the best roofing solution for your home? How long do slate roofs last, and how can you take care of your roof to extend its lifespan? Read on to learn more about what you should expect from your slate roof tile.

What is a slate tile?


A slate is a finely-grained rock that is turned into thinly uniform slabs. Slate tiles can be made from several grain minerals, including quartz, mica, calcite, chlorite, hematite, and many others. A slate tile can be any color, depending on the core minerals used. Gray is the most common slate tile color but green and red are also common colors. 


How long do slate roofs last? 


If you ask any homeowner with a slate roof tile, they’ll tell you a key consideration point they had while installing the roof is how long it remains functional. After professional installation of this roof type, you just have to carry out minor maintenance practices. This will see the roof last for many years.


In Virginia weather, professionally installed and maintained slate roof tiles can last for over a hundred years. It is not uncommon to see this roof go on for more than 150 years. In terms of overall roofing investments, this is one of the best investments you can make for your home. This roof will maintain its aesthetic quality in addition to the long lifespan of slate tiles. 


While a slate roof may undergo general wear and tear, you’ll barely notice the difference. This remains the case, even after years of use. Because slate is a classic look, the style is never outdated. Admittedly, slate roof tiles may have a higher installation cost compared to most other generic roof types. However, once you consider the overall cost from purchase, installation, maintenance, and repair services, slate tiles reign supreme in the roofing sector.

Slate Roof With Copper Trim

Benefits of installing slate tile roofs


Any roof type worth installing has its own unique qualities and features. By comparing these different features, you can end up with the best roofing solution for your home. Below are a few helpful features when you choose the superior slate tile roof;


Resistant to fire


A fire outbreak is dangerous for any home. Some common roof types, like asphalt shingles, can withstand a couple of hours of the blaze before it consumes it. However, if you have slate roof tiles, you never have to worry about fires as they are fully resistant. Slate roof tiles are a common roofing solution in areas prone to wildfires. 


Energy efficiency


In warmer months, this roof type will reflect the heat from the sun and keep your house cool. In colder times, the slate tiles efficiently seal warm air inside your house, which conserves internal heat. Installing this roof can significantly lower your energy bills.


Low maintenance procedures


Slate roof tiles are a residential roof type requiring the least maintenance. The most you’ll have to do is wash the tiles every so often to maintain their aesthetic beauty. After a while, you should also have the roof inspected by professionals like Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA.


Adds to the house value

If you ever decide to sell the property, your slate roof will look as good as new. This level of maintenance and originality can increase the house’s value. This also applies when you’re renting or leasing the home. 


How to extend your slate roof’s lifespan


Certain maintenance procedures can maximize the quality and lifespan of your roof. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get the most from your slate roof tiles;


  • Hire a professional when installing your roof – You should always use experts, whether it’s installation, maintenance, or repair services. In Norfolk, VA, Stevens Roofing is the premier contractor and roofing solutions provider. 
  • Regular maintenance procedures – Slate roof tiles don’t require too much maintenance. Nonetheless, you should have a professional look at the roof, especially if you believe something is off with your current roof. 
  • Use quality material – A roofing expert can help you determine the best material to use on your roof, whether for beautification or functionality requirements.


Slate roof tiles are undeniably the leading roofing choice for many reasons. Get in touch with Stevens Roofing for all slate roof tiles solutions in Norfolk, VA. You, too, can now enjoy superior roofing that will last for generations.


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