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How To Know If & When Your Shingles Can Be Repaired

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When your shingles are damaged it can increase your risk of leaks, pests and other problems. You can have shingles repaired but you’ll first need to learn the signs of a damaged roof and how to recognize it. Timing is everything when it comes to your roof, waiting too long to do a repair can lead to more expensive repairs later. There are some tips that can help you determine when and if your shingles can be replaced. 

Shingle Materials

The first step in understanding shingle replacement is learning the materials involved. Most homeowners know that shingles are made from asphalt but in reality, that only makes up part of a shingle’s composition.

Asphalt shingle production starts with a fiberglass mat, which serves as its foundation. Once these mats are made, asphalt and other materials are added to form shingles. The asphalt used for shingles is water-resistant and fire-resistant, which helps reduce the risk of home damage.

After the asphalt coating is applied to both sides of the fiberglass sheet, the next step involves placing granules on the shingles. Granules are made from hard rock crushed into tiny pieces. These granules are only applied on the side of the shingle that will be exposed to the elements.

When granules have been applied, sealant is used to attach the shingles to your roof. If you have multi-layer shingles, laminate connects the layers together. Asphalt sealant is designed to withstand temperature changes and adverse weather conditions. Shingles also have a release film when they’re sealed in packages before installation, which helps prevent the sealant from causing them to stick together.

Causes of Shingle Damage

The shingle production process and materials provide considerable protection but damage can still occur. Many things can lead to a shingle repair.  Because shingles can become worn or deteriorate as they near their lifespan, aging is one of the most common reasons a repair is needed.

Temperature extremes, severe storms, and other adverse weather can also put your shingles at risk of damage. Cold snaps and heat waves can take a toll on your shingles, especially if you don’t have adequate ventilation and insulation.

Other possible causes of shingle damage include improper installation, such as having new shingles improperly placed over old ones or not using sealants. Walking around on roofs can also cause damage to shingles by causing granules to loosen and fall off. This can make shingles more vulnerable to damage and deterioration.

Signs of Shingle Damage

Signs of shingle damage can include missing or loose shingles. You might see granule piles on the ground, especially near your downspouts, if your shingles are losing a lot of granules due to wear and tear or damage. Other signs of damage include buckling or curling shingles, which leave your home more at risk of leaks.

Solutions for Repairing Shingles

When you notice signs of shingle damage, it’s important to have repairs done. Overlapping or resealing shingles to repair your roof is a method that can be used but it will only provide a temporary fix. You could end up with additional damage if these kinds of repairs are not done correctly.

To fix shingles, you should have them removed and replaced with new ones. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might only need to have a few replaced. For more extensive or widespread damage, you should consider having a total roof replacement done.

When to Repair Shingles

Weather conditions can get in the way of shingle repairs at times. Extreme heat or cold, as well as severe thunderstorms, high winds or other adverse weather conditions could cause shingle repair delays. You can have local roofers repair your shingles when it’s safe to do so in terms of weather. Keep in mind that you might need to have part of your roof covered if you have holes when rain or other severe weather is expected.

Knowing when to repair shingles also depends on how much damage there is. Mild damage, such as one loose shingle can be repaired in better weather but severe damage should be fixed as soon as possible. You should have a professional roofer assess your shingles to determine how soon you’ll need repairs.

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