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Is Your Roofing Contractor Being Honest with You?

Is Your Roofing Contractor Being Honest with You?

When is a bid not a bid? When it includes loopholes, or misses vital aspects. Subpar roofers are infamous for submitting incomplete bids. They low-ball the bid, get the job, and then tack on “unexpected” charges. This is only one facet of the dishonest roofer. Beware, and learn!

Low Bids

This common and unethical scam secures your business and then eats away at your money. The bid comes in so low you would feel ridiculous not to take it. Then the roofer claims rising commodity prices surprised everyone; suddenly the job will cost 15 percent more. Or a weather delay means an idle crew and you need to help cover the labor costs (this is seldom true). 

Avoid the amazingly low bid — because its cheapness will cost you plenty!

Day Crews

Many roofers use the same teams of dedicated, trained professionals every day. Other roofers round up day crews who mill around the parking lots of home improvement centers. One day a temporary worker is a roofer, but the next day he is a mason. 


Stick with a local, trustworthy roofer with permanent crews!

Look What I Found!

If your roofer offers a reasonable bid and identifies the scope of work, you feel safe, right? Then as the job unfolds, the roofer reluctantly calls attention to a list of unforeseen issues:

  • “We didn’t notice the torn underlayment here.” 
  • “No way we could have seen that rot and mold on the underside of the sheathing.” (Yes there is, if you have an attic.)
  • “Oh this drip edge is damaging your fascia; it has to be replaced at additional cost.” (Drip edge is routinely replaced in a reroofing.)

Avoid expensive add-ons; stick to the contract!


Most roofers are reputable and honest. A few dishonest ones play the insurance scam all the time. If a prospective roofer offers to “cover your deductible” when submitting an insurance claim, you are being set up for a scam. 


Work only with local roofers with vast experience dealing with insurance adjusters. Ask for proof of licensing, liability insurance, and recent customer reviews. Ask your own insurance agent for names of local roofers. 


Avoid getting into legal trouble; pay your deductible and work with an honest roofer!


Deal with a wholly honest, deeply rooted, local roofer. Contact us today at Stevens Roofing Corporation to see how a roofer with integrity can make a difference for your home. 

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