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Ornamental Copper Roofing Repairs

Ornamental Copper Roofing Repairs

Ornamental copper roofing is beautiful and unique, but also takes a special kind of maintenance. When you need repair work, not just anyone can do the job. In fact, the more roofing contractors you check with the more likely you are to find few who will even attempt it. You need a true expert to handle your project and industry experts with the right skills to take your project on are far and few between.

Copper Roofing repairs take in-depth, hands-on experience and they aren’t always fast easy jobs. This is partly why many roofing contractors don’t want to take them on. However, copper roofing gives an aesthetic which can’t be found just anywhere. Rather than replace your roof with something more standard, try for repairs first. There are many advantages to having an ornamental copper roof including:


Copper roofing is both durable and functional. It becomes the focal point of the building and beautifies any property. It also performs an important job well.


Copper roofing withstands the test of time. Of course it’s beautiful but generally, it’s chosen because of its ability to last so long.

Increased Property Value

When you have ornamental copper on your roof, your property value goes up. Getting repairs gives you a larger return on your investment if you sell your building in the future.

Whether you chose the ornamental copper roofing yourself or it was already there when you took over the ownership, it’s worth keeping around. Any type of roofing will eventually wear out, but repairing your copper roofing is worth the effort.

The key to making repairs on a unique ornamental roof like copper is to find professionals who know what they are doing. There are some who may attempt the job without the knowledge which isn’t good for your building.

Instead of looking for a change, contact Stevens Roofing Corporation. We’ve been around since 1946 and have the experience you need. Our copper roofing repair skills have been handed down from generation to generation and we’re here to ensure your roof is restored to its original beauty and functionality in as little time as possible. Let our experts handle your repairs.

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