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6 Things To Know Before Getting Your Roof Repaired In The Winter

6 Things To Know Before Getting Your Roof Repaired In The Winter

Winter weather in Virginia can end up damaging your roof. While snow and ice aren’t always as big of a problem, high winds can tear off shingles, and rain can instigate water damage. Timely repairs can prevent significant damage, but can they be done this time of year?

Roof repair in winter can happen, although it requires careful planning. The same weather causing damage to your roof can also make repairs tricky. Keep the following in mind if your roof needs repairs done in the winter.

Possible Winter Roof Repairs

If extensive damage happens during the winter, don’t put off repairs until spring arrives. This will cause more damage to occur. Roofers can make a wide range of repairs in winter, including:

  • Replacing missing or loose shingles
  • Repairing damaged flashing
  • Fixing roof leaks

You might need these kinds of repairs after adverse weather causes damage. Wind can lift up shingles, or tree branches can scrape or fall on your roof, causing damage.

Winter vs. Summer Repair Process

Replacing or repairing roof shingles must be handled differently in winter and summer. Tar strips bond shingles together and need a warmer temperature to activate. This isn’t a problem in the summer months but could cause issues when shingles are installed during the winter.

Roofers sometimes use other materials with shingles to help initial bonding, such as roofing cement. Asphalt shingles are also more vulnerable to sustain damage in cold weather.

Adverse Weather

Bad weather can make roof repairs difficult. Snow and ice are the main concerns for winter roof repairs. Snow and ice can make it dangerous for roofers to walk on roofs.

In addition to snow or ice, consider other kinds of winter weather. High winds during winter can make roof repairs hazardous, especially in low temperatures. Windy conditions will prevent roofers from being able to safely perform repairs.

When Repairs Can’t Be Done

Roof repairs should be done in the right weather conditions. Icy conditions or high winds will delay roof repairs until the weather improves. This weather can impact worker safety and the quality of roof repairs.

Freezing temperatures also prevent roof repairs from being done right away. Bitterly cold temperatures are a safety risk for roofers. These temperatures make it harder to properly repair shingles and other roofing components.

Immediate Help for Leaks

In some cases, repairs can’t be done right away due to weather. However, you can still get immediate help to minimize damage. Roofers can place a tarp over your roof to cover gaps and openings, which can help protect your home interior from damage. When the weather improves, roofers can then make full repairs.

When to Have Immediate Repairs

If your roof has extensive damage, repairs are required before it leads to interior damage. Having holes or other gaps in your roof allows rain and snow to get inside, causing significant water damage. Roof repairs can also lead to mold growth, wood rot, and other types of damage.

Hire Professional Roofers

It’s essential to work with roofing professionals when you need your roof fixed, no matter the season. Local roofers are familiar with the area, and know-how factors such as weather conditions will affect repairs. This helps ensure your roof is repaired correctly and safely.

Choosing an experienced local roofer also gives you access to reliable roofing services when you need them most. Professional roofers in Norfolk can provide you with high-quality roof repairs to help prevent more severe damage to your home.

If you need roof repairs this winter, please contact Stevens Roofing as soon as possible. Our roofing experts offer dependable roofing services for homeowners in Norfolk, VA. We can evaluate the damage and perform the needed repairs promptly.

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