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Warning Signs Your Roofer is Not Listening to You

Warning Signs Your Roofer is Not Listening to You

Generally speaking, most roofers who enjoy a good reputation will listen to your questions and concerns. You can tell if they have a good reputation by checking their website to see if they have any certifications and look for reviews online. However, you’ll still want to make sure that the roofer you decide to work with will listen to what you have to say. Poor communication can lead to all kinds of issues during the roof installation or repair process, after all. A roofer who’s not listening to you will be more likely to ignore any input you have and just do the job how they want to do it. The following are a few warning signs to watch out for that the roofer isn’t listening to you:


  • They don’t provide multiple ways to contact them – A good roofer will provide more than just an email address for you to contact them. They will provide their phone number — in some cases, both a landline and mobile number, to make it as easy as possible for you to get into contact with someone.
  • They don’t respond to your messages quickly – If you called and left a message or sent an email and it takes more than 24 hours to get back, it’s a good indication of how responsive they will be.
  • They don’t request an in-person visit – The roofer should ask to meet you in-person at your home so that they can provide a more accurate estimate and so that they can discuss your project in person.
  • They don’t ask whether you have questions or concerns – A roofer that asks whether you have questions or concerns is showing their readiness to listen.
  • They don’t ask any questions – A roofer that asks a lot of questions concerning your project and needs is obviously paying attention to you, which means that they’re more likely to listen to you throughout the course of the project.


If a roofer isn’t listening to you, it means that they are not customer-oriented. If they don’t care about what you think, how are you supposed to believe they care about the quality of the work that they do? When speaking with a roofer, check for these warning signs that they are listening to you before you decide to hire them. To speak with a reputable roofer that you can depend on in the Richmond or Norfolk areas, be sure to contact us at Stevens Roofing today.

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