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Why Roofing Inspections Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Why Roofing Inspections Extend Life on Your Roof

Like most things that you own, the longevity of your roof depends largely on how well you maintain it.

While taking your car in for regular oil changes and maintenance is an accepted part of getting the most life from it, having your roof inspected may not rank as highly on your priority list. But regular roof inspections can save you a lot of headaches – and money – in the future.
Why are professional roof inspections so important? Here’s a closer look.

Catch small problems before they become big

Most major roofing issues start small and slowly build into more significant issues. By the time you notice a leak in your roof, for example, there may already be structural damage or even mold. It’s much harder to correct a problem after it’s progressed than it is to find it when it’s small and then providing the necessary maintenance. A roofing professional who can spot the early warning signs of potential trouble will ensure that the more minor issues don’t turn into major ones.

Professionals know what to look for

While you may notice visible signs of roof damage from a ground inspection or from the attic, a professional roofer has a much longer list of potential issues that may or may not exist. Plus, climbing around on your roof isn’t safe. A roofing expert is used to being on roofs and knows how to take the proper safety precautions.

Inspecting roofs when they’re vulnerable

Your roof is always exposed during extreme weather conditions and having an inspection done after a major storm occurs is always a good idea.
While the Norfolk area has a more moderate change of seasons than many other states, tropical weather activity such as hurricanes and other tropical storms may occur and threaten your roof’s shingles and structure. Meanwhile, intense summer heat can also damage your roof.

Protect your warranty

Another reason that roof inspections are essential is that they may keep your warranty intact. Many roofing companies have warranties that require homeowners to have an annual or bi-annual inspection.
The bottom line is that many things can go wrong with your roof – things that you may not even notice. That’s why an inspection by one of the professionals at the Stevens Roofing Corporation will keep your roof in top shape and extend its lifespan.


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