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City of Norfolk Roofing Inspections – What Are They Looking For?

City of Norfold Roofing Inspections-Why you May Need one

Your roof provides your home with protection from rain and wind, so it’s important to make sure it stays in good condition. You might not think your roof has any problems, but this can be difficult to tell just by looking up at it. Professional roofing inspections offer a way to have your roof checked for damage so you can have repairs made promptly. Here is more about why you might need an inspection for your Norfolk home.

Common Roof Problems

The roof on your home is built to be durable and withstand all kinds of weather conditions, but it can still end up with damage. Wear and tear occurring over time can lead to problems such as loose tiles, cracked flashing and broken shingles which all compromise your roof’s ability to keep your home safe from the elements. Strong storms can also cause damage, ranging from minor problems to major ones which could lead to leaks in your home. Having a roof inspection done is an important part of ensuring that any problems with your roof are caught early and fixed right away.

Annual Roof Inspections

Even if you don’t suspect your roof has any problems or damage, you should still plan on having an inspection done at least once a year. These inspections provide an opportunity for you to know if your roof is showing any signs of wear and tear which could lead to bigger problems. If there are any minor problems, they can be repaired to prevent more costly damage from occurring. Having these inspections done each year means you’re less likely to find yourself dealing with unexpected major repairs.

Inspections and Repairs

If you do know your roof needs repairs done, should you still have an inspection done? A roof inspection is still a smart idea since professional roofers can check for other problems while they are on the roof handling repairs. For example, if repairs are needed after a big storm, your roof can be inspected for other signs of damage at the same time.

If you need to schedule a roofing inspection for your Norfolk home, please contact Stevens Roofing Corporation. We will check your roof thoroughly, and make repairs as needed to keep your roof in excellent condition.

City of Norfold Roofing Inspections- What Are they looking for?

When you have a Norfolk roofing inspection, you want it to be thorough. Since it isn’t safe to climb on your roof and look things over yourself–or to even know what to look for–it’s best to have a professional inspect your roof on a regular basis. Here are a few items they will look for, among many others.


Over time, shingles can lift away from the house and allow water through to the underside of the roof. If that happens, the roof beneath will deteriorate faster.


Shingles can warp over time, which may be fixable if you catch it early enough. The shingles can be replaced or repaired before further damage occurs.

Missing Shingles

A loose shingle and a heavy wind could leave you with areas missing shingles completely. Those shingles need to be replaced so the underlayment isn’t disturbed.


Your gutters allow the water to collect and run away from the home. If they’re pulling away from the house, they could cause damage to the roof and even the foundation.


The areas around chimneys or in corners and crevices can also bent, warped, or work away from the house. These need to be tightly secured to work the right way.

Some of these things you will be able to spot from the ground. You can often see if shingles are missing or if there’s an area with warped roofing. If you see anything in your ground inspections, call professionals to take a closer look. If the problems are minor and haven’t caused much damage yet, they may be repairable. If you have leaks coming through to your home or severe damage to the roof, replacement may be necessary. Watch for water spots inside the house and areas of shingles with damage on the outside.

If you need a full roof inspection, Stevens Roofing Corporation is here to help. We won’t tell you that a replacement is necessary unless it is what we’d do on our own house. Likewise, we won’t tell you something can be repaired if the repairs won’t last. Give us a call for repairs, replacement, maintenance, or a simple assessment and let’s keep your roof in the best shape possible for as long as possible.


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