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Slate Roof Repairs

Slate Roof Repairs

Slate is a beautiful, natural roofing material renowned for its longevity. When it’s skillfully installed and well maintained, a slate roof can last for upwards of 100 years or longer. In spite of a slate roof’s incredible durability, it can still deteriorate over time and need repair to maintain its integrity. Here are the most common signs of problems your slate roof may have which warrant an inspection by an experienced roofing pro.

Damaged/missing tiles

You can check the condition of your roof visually from ground level using a pair of binoculars. Repairs are needed if you spot any areas of cracked, missing or misaligned tiles. Finding fallen tiles on the ground around your home is also a clue for the needed repair.

Interior leaks

Water can enter your home’s attic due to broken or missing slate tiles, deteriorated or corroded copper, lead or metal roof flashing, or failed underlayment or fasteners.

Softened slate

Age-related softening is easy to spot by picking and pressing some fallen tiles to see if they easily break apart in layers, or disintegrate entirely.

Why Deteriorating Slate Roofs Need Prompt Repairs

Repairing your roof in a timely manner can help you avoid a more costly full replacement. It can also protect the underlying roof structure from water damage, and safeguard against progressively worsening moisture intrusions. These can ruin your wood trim, flooring, and plaster drywall ceilings and walls. Although you may be tempted to try repairing the roof yourself, here’s why hiring a slate roof repair specialist is wiser.

  • It takes a well-trained eye to judge whether the roof can be repaired or needs a complete restoration – as a guideline, roofs with less than 20 percent of tiles needing replacement can be repaired.
  • Skill is also essential to properly assess all of the roofing components including the fasteners, substrate, and flashing, as well as pinpoint leak sources and areas of hidden damage.
  • Slate can be slick and slippery under certain conditions, which increases your risk of serious harm from a fall. Walking on the roof can also crack or break tiles in areas not already damaged.
  • Fixing a slate roof and its various components requires specialized tools and a thorough knowledge of the correct techniques to ensure repairs are watertight and lasting.

For slate roofing repair expertise in the Norfolk area, contact us at Stevens Roofing Corporation.

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