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3 Reasons Slate Roofing Is Best For You

3 Reasons Slate Roofing Is Best For You

Slate forms from shale, a metamorphic rock some 500 million to 200 million years old. It is the ultimate roofing material: ancient, weather-tested, reliable. It is beautiful, durable, and strong. Slate may be the best roofing material for you, for three good reasons. 

Existing Slate Roof

If your picturesque or historic Virginia home has a slate roof, you have all the roof structure you need to replace slate with slate! Because slate is rock, it has weight and solidity. This is an advantage, of course; it does not lift in winds, it sheds water and snow easily, and it usually outlasts the home beneath it. Yet because it is rock, it weighs more than many other roofing materials, so your roof structure must be built to accommodate it. 

A historic home may require slate-for-slate replacement, based on local regulations and federal laws. Even if your home is not on a list of historic homes, you may find that only slate will answer the desire for a beautiful, historically appropriate roofing material. 

Beautiful Slate Roof

A second reason to consider a slate roof is its unmatched beauty among roofing materials. Slate comes from the earth itself and is affected by forces of nature far beyond our abilities to reproduce. Pressure, heat, and time on an unfathomable scale of millions of years produce a rainbow of slate colors. 

Slate varies in color from deep, ebony black to light gray to beautiful and unusual colors like green, blue, red, and even purple. 

Because it is mined from the earth, it has an instant, instinctive appeal to our eyes. We connect with slate and instantly recognize its beauty, warmth, and strength. 

Carefree Slate Roof

Among roofing materials, slate alone comes with warranties of 100 years. Maintaining a slate roof is as close to effortless as possible, thanks to its strength and durability. Depending on sheathing methods, mineral content, and overhanging trees, your slate roof may never need any repair work! 

A slate roof is no place for an amateur. Annual inspections should be performed only by a local roofer. If a professional roofer finds a broken or delaminating slate tile, the single tile can easily be replaced. 

To learn more about slate roofing, to see if slate roofing truly is best for your home, and to learn about slate roofing’s role in historic homes, contact the slate roofing experts at Stevens Roofing Corporation today!

The What And How Of Slate Roofing

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