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Slate Roofing: The Cost and Worth

When it comes to roofing options, slate roofing is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after choices on the market. It’s not only elegant, but it’s durable, long-lasting, and sustainable. However, homeowners know that such quality doesn’t come without expense. In this article, we’ll explore the cost of slate roofing and determine whether the benefits are worth the price.

Slate roofing is more expensive compared to other roofing options, such as asphalt shingles, metal, or wood. A square foot of slate shingles can range between $5 and $20, while other roofing materials cost between $1 and $7. However, the upfront cost of slate roofing is not the whole story. Consider the benefits of slate roofing below:

Longer Lifespan

Slate roofing is durable and long-lasting, up to 100 years without replacement, compared to the average 25-30 years of other roofing materials. Therefore, slate roofing ultimately pays off in the long run. Slate roofing won’t rot or corrode, so it doesn’t require frequent repairs or replacements. And since slate is fireproof, it offers valuable protection from fire and other hazards. 

Low Maintenance

Slate roofing is also low maintenance. Slate tiles are made from many different types of stone, with the most common being quartzite and shale. They also come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any roofing style, from flat to curved and everything in between. The material composition of slate tiles provides exceptional waterproofing capabilities while still allowing for air circulation and heat. Due to its water-resistant properties, slate doesn’t require frequent cleaning or sealing, eliminating the need for hiring professionals for repair work. The ease of maintenance is a significant advantage, creating substantial value for the homeowner. This feature may ultimately outweigh the installation cost for homeowners looking to invest long-term.


Additionally, slate roofing is among the most sustainable roofing materials available. Slate is a natural resource that’s renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. The use of slate in roofing materials means that it doesn’t end up in a landfill once its life span is over. Slate is a natural material that’s eco-friendly and easy to recycle. Furthermore, a slate roof’s reflective nature could help homeowners to reduce their home’s energy consumption for air conditioning in the summer and heating during the winter.


Slate roof on gable end, copper flashing


Slate roofing is also preferred by many homeowners because of its beauty.  Slate roof tiles are available in a variety of colors, from light grey and blue to dark green and charcoal. This makes them an aesthetically pleasing choice for homes or businesses, creating a unique and attractive look. The color of the slate tile also has an influence on the slate roof cost – darker hues generally come with a higher price tag. Because of the various colors, patterns, and sizes you can create unique designs that will set your home apart from the rest.


It is an aesthetically pleasing roofing material that adds a touch of class and elegance to any home design and style.


A slate roof comes with a higher installation cost, but the upfront expense seems worth it due to the benefits the roofing material offers. From its resilience and low need for maintenance to its sustainability and beauty, slate roofing is a valuable investment in the long run compared to other roofing options. When homeowners are looking to build a beautiful, durable, and lasting home, it pays to invest in the quality, sustainability, and grandeur of a slate roof.

Hire A Slate Roofing Professional

If you’re considering a slate roof for your home, it’s important to do your homework and find the right professional roofer for the job. A quality installer that is familiar with slate roofing installation will make sure that all nails and fastenings used are suitable for slate roofs, will use appropriate flashings to prevent water leakage, and will properly seal the tiles to wind uplift.

For the best results, we recommend you work with Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, Virginia. Our  team has years of experience installing slate roofs and will ensure your roof is installed correctly and looks great for many years to come. Call us today to learn more about our slate roofing services! 


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