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Views From The Roof: An Inside Look At How SLATE Roofing Tiles Are Installed!

Views From The Roof: An Inside Look At How SLATE Roofing Tiles Are Installed!

If you look around today, you’ll see many homes with slate roofing tiles, especially in areas of Virginia. Homeowners love this material for many reasons, including its unrivaled durability, beauty, and eco-friendliness.

Although having a slate roof is splendid, working with this material is challenging and requires specialized tools and expertise. Because of this challenge, many professional roofing companies will not attempt working with slate. You’ll need a professional roofing company specializing in this material to help you install a slate tile roof.

Read on to discover how experts like Stevens Roofing Inc install slate roofing tiles. 


An Overview of Slate Roofing Tiles


Manufacturers use metamorphic rocks derived from sedimentary rocks to make slate roof tiles. Therefore, these materials are natural and incredibly eco-friendly.

Depending on mineral composition, slate tiles come in different colors and weathering properties. For instance, in Virginia, you may encounter slate colors like gray, red, purple, blue-black, mottled purple, and sea green. Moreover, weathering, non-weathering, fading, and non-fading products are available.

Slate roof tiles are popular today because:

  • They are durable and can last up to 200 years
  • They are 100% fire resistant
  • They demand low maintenance
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are stylish and aesthetically appealing

Plus, slate roof tiles increase home value, which is a significant upside for homeowners who plan to put their property on the market.


How Do Experts Install Slate Roofing Tiles?


Most expert slate tile installers follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Check roof pitch and slope

Your roof’s pitch determines and influences various things. First, depending on this element, your home can either shed rainwater effectively or fall prey to constant pools and leaks. Moreover, pitch dictates a suitable roofing material for your home and its lifespan.

Generally, experts recommend slate tiles for roofs with a minimum pitch of 20º. They also favor this material, where steeper roofs with slopes above 8:12 are involved. For this reason, skilled installers must check your roof’s pitch and slope before laying slate tiles.

Step 2: Install underlayment

Roof underlayment serves many functions. First, it gives your home’s roofing system extra protection and helps it stave off leaks. This component is crucial, especially in regions like Norfolk, where strong winds can blow away roofing materials and expose your household to water damage during the rainy season.

Fireproof underlayment can also bolster your property’s resistance to fire hazards. If you combine this component with top-shelf slate roofing tiles, your home becomes incredibly resistant to fires arising from cooking endeavors, faulty electrical systems, etc.

Most experts install either asphalt felt or synthetic underlayment before slate tiles. Then, they secure the membrane with 1-inch roof nails, staples, or other fitting fasteners.

Step 3: Place battens

Battens are thin strips of materials made from metal, wood, or plastic. Their primary purpose is to elevate slate tiles from the decking. By serving their duty, roof battens ensure your home doesn’t suffer frequent water drainage issues and associated complications, including foundation damage.

Before experts install battens, they use different factors to determine sizes and spacing. These include roof covering and span. They also factor in the preferred tile installation style, be it single or double laps.

Step 4: Install slate tiles

After executing all previous phases, professional roofers lay the slate tiles. This process is complicated and demands special tools like copper slate roofing nails. Copper nails are a favorite because they have a long lifespan and resist rust and corrosion.

Most roofers start the installation process by laying under eave tiles. Then, they place slates at the roof’s bottom and work their way up.

Is Hiring Experts to Install Slate Roofing Tiles Really Necessary?


Yes. Hiring experts to install slate roof tiles is necessary for the following reasons:

They are trained and experienced

Most roofers undergo extensive on-the-job training before becoming experts. Training equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to use roofing materials, tools, machines, and equipment. Plus, reputable experts have vast experience, which means they have successfully tackled projects like yours in the past. They also have the benefit of safety equipment and training to help them complete the job safely.

They can help you pick materials

As a homeowner, you must pick suitable roofing materials. Why? The best products are durable and enhance your property’s curb appeal. Plus, they improve your home’s energy efficiency, reducing utility bills.

Remember, roofing materials like slate tiles come in several varieties, and picking the best solution can be confusing. But with skilled roofers by your side, the process is straightforward.

They know what’s at stake

Amateurs often make several mistakes while installing slate tiles. For instance, some use poor-quality nails susceptible to rust or assume all slates are of the same quality. Such detrimental errors lead to premature damages and, in extreme cases, failure.

But reputable roofers have everything they need to avoid many common pitfalls. They have the experience and equipment necessary to help them complete the job promptly so that your roof is not caught unprotected during a storm. Plus, since they know how long the roof will last, they take extra precautions and use nothing but the best materials.


What’s Next?


Suppose you want to enjoy all the perks of slate roofing tiles, including optimum energy efficiency and durability. In that case, partner with Stevens Roofing Corp. We are experts in slate roof installation and have served countless homeowners in Norfolk and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information!  


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