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A Historical Perspective On 3 Benefits Of Copper Roofing

A Historical Perspective On 3 Benefits Of Copper Roofing

Ancient Egyptians did not accidentally make their hieroglyph for copper, identical to their symbol for eternal life, the ankh. Copper has been known and respected for its durability, beauty, and efficiency for thousands of years.

1. Durability

Copper is highly resistant to forces which take down asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and clay tiles. It is so durable it may be the only roof your home ever needs. Fifty years is a typical life span.

Copper resists fire, hail, mildew, and high winds. It withstands periods of freeze and thaw, oxidizes beautifully rather than rusting, and is easy to maintain.

A little-considered aspect of durability is the weight of the roofing material. Though metal, copper is actually a lightweight roofing material. Heavier materials like clay tile, wood shakes, and galvanized steel put stress and strain on sheathing and rafters. Copper roofing relieves stress on your roof’s deck. Even under heavy snow loads, it holds strong.

2. Beauty

Copper is a beautiful, earth-connected metal which radiates beauty. It boosts a home’s curb appeal with its reddish-brown luster, and as it oxidizes over decades, it mellows to the same lovely green patina seen on the Statue of Liberty.

When you consider how a copper roof will hold its value and beauty for more than half a century, its lifetime cost is competitive with cheap shingle roofs.

3. Energy Efficiency

Like other metals used in roofing, copper is energy efficient. It reflects infrared heat so your cooling costs are lower than with a normal roof.

The other cost to consider is the environmental impact of your roofing material. Copper is 100 percent natural, mined from the earth and ultimately completely recyclable. Since copper is so durable, you need not waste resources on frequent roof replacements, the way you will with asphalt shingles.

Contract for Copper Correctly

Since you are investing in a copper roof, select your roofing contractor carefully. Pick a roofer with proven experience working with copper. For all its benefits, copper is still at the mercy of the skilled craftsmen installing it. It will show careless handling and telegraph misplaced hammer blows. You need an expert in copper roof installation.

You need Stevens Roofing Corporation, local copper roof specialists. We can keep your copper roofing project on a smooth course to a perfect finish. Contact us today to see how we can put the gleam, the glamour, and the glory of copper on your home.

Is a Copper Roof Worth the Expense?

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