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How Often Your Roof And Attic Should Be Inspected

How Often Your Roof And Attic Should Be Inspected

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against extreme weather and storms. But even the most well-constructed, high-quality roofing systems need ongoing care to stand up to the elements year after year. Placing blind faith in your roof and forgetting about it until you spot a leak could lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. 

Periodic roof and attic inspection can help identify potential issues and stop them before they become too severe or expensive.

How Often Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

We recommend getting aroof inspection in spring after the coldest weather and in fall after the hottest weather. The weather tends to be milder in spring and fall, allowing roofers to quickly spot any problems. It also ensures your roof will be in good condition for extreme temperature changes and potential weather hazards.

It’s also essential to have your roof thoroughly inspected after a significant weather event. Even if you didn’t lose any trees and your roof didn’t suffer obvious damage, this should be done. Signs of storm damage can be subtle, especially if you’re inspecting from the ground.

A professional roof inspection will help determine if your roof suffered damage and ensure any issues are promptly taken care of before they spiral out of control.

The Importance of Spring Roof Inspections

With snow accumulation, the endless cycle of thawing and refreezing, and impact from heavy winds, hail, or sleet, your roof takes a beating in the winter. So, when the cold temperatures ease off and the snow melts, springtime offers an excellent opportunity to have your roof inspected in detail for potential wind, ice, and water damage. A roof inspection will provide a better understanding of your roof’s condition and help identify areas of concern. 

Another reason why it’s a good idea to schedule your roof inspection in spring is because lousy winter weather and low temperatures can make it difficult to inspect a roof, let alone perform repairs. Milder weather allows your roofing contractor to conduct safer, faster, and more accurate inspections of your roof and attic.

A springtime roof inspection also helps prepare your roof for the early spring and summer rainy season. 

The Importance of Fall Roof Inspections

Roof inspection in the fall can save you a lot of hassle during the winter months. Moisture, heat, and stormy conditions of the summer months can take a toll on your roof and threaten your home’s structural integrity. 

The fall is the perfect time to have your roof inspected for summer damage and make necessary repairs before the freezing and thawing cycle begins. When the cold of winter sets in, you can have peace of mind knowing that roof isn’t damaged and can stand up to harsh weather.

If you don’t have your roof inspected in the fall, it may spring a leak or develop other problems in the winter. Frigid temperatures can compromise the success of any repairs done in winter because roofing materials become brittle and prone to cracking. What’s more, the materials can’t seal down properly when it’s cold outside.

Working on icy and snow-covered roofs can be dangerous, so issues discovered too late in the season may have to wait until spring to be fixed. This will give minor issues enough time to extend and cause significant damage.

What to Expect From a Roof Inspection

A professional roofing contractor will carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify areas that need to be fixed. Here’s what they look for:

  • Signs of sagging
  • Missing, cracked, or broken roof covering
  • Uneven roof planes
  • The condition of the fascia, soffit, and gutter system
  • Damaged chimney caps
  • Crumbling or missing grout
  • Missing flashing or fasteners
  • Loss, rusted, or cracked gutters
  • Tree branches and debris
  • Patches of moss or lichen

Some of the benefits of having regular roof inspections include:

  • Helps detect hidden roof damage
  • Allows you to make timely repairs and save money
  • Extends the lifespan of your roof
  • Keeps your roof warranty intact
  • Enables you to plan for future costs
  • Keep you and your home safe from the elements
  • Gives you peace of mind

Attic Inspection for a Healthy Home

The attic houses many critical components of the home, including insulation, ventilation, ductwork, and the HVAC system. But since the attic is rarely visited, there may be hidden and ongoing problems.

An attic inspection should be a part of your roof’s maintenance routine. It should be done every time your roof is being inspected. Attic inspection can provide valuable evidence of past or current water intrusion that may not be evident elsewhere in the house. 

Getting familiar with your attic and identifying potential problems can help you stay ahead of issues. Some of the essential and obvious things you can look for include water stains, peeling areas of drywall, rot, mold, or rusted nails. You can inspect your attic on a rainy day to spot leaks more easily.

A professional roofing contractor will conduct a more in-depth attic inspection, which will include observing things like:

  • Ventilation
  • Signs of water damage
  • Insulation
  • Airflow
  • Attic framing, trusses, rafters, and roof decking
  • Exhaust ducts and vent stacks
  • Evidence of pests and rodents

Roofing contractors have a wide range of tools and experience to accurately diagnose the health of your attic. After the inspection, your roofer will prepare a written inspection report. If any problems are uncovered during the inspection, you can expect recommendations for repair and a written estimate.

Regular attic inspection can help determine if the attic contributes to any roofing problems. You’ll have the information needed to prevent water damage, mold, poor air quality, and high energy bills.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to inspect your roof and attic. Stevens Roofing can help you get the best peak performance and maximum longevity from your roof. We offer comprehensive roof and attic inspections for homeowners in Norfolk, VA. We will thoroughly assess the condition of your roof to identify any areas needing repair or replacement. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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