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Best Signs of Integrity in a Home Roofer

Best Signs of Integrity in a Home Roofer

Choosing an ethical roofer, one with integrity, is very important in ensuring your roofing job is handled properly. Your home’s roof is its main protection against the elements; it’s the primary safeguard for both your family and your belongings. Being able to trust your roofing contractor is an essential part of being satisfied with their work, whether it’s a simple patch or a complete roof replacement. Fortunately, there are several telltale signs that your roofer has integrity and can be entrusted with your home.


Community Reputation and Involvement

One huge red flag for contractors is a lack of involvement in the community; another is a poor reputation among community members. Roofing contractors who have integrity can be easily spotted by their commitment to being an active and positive part of the community. They may belong to local community groups like a Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club. They may sponsor or participate in community events, as well.


Good roofing contractors should have a variety of references they can give you to confirm their work ethic and prove their ability for various job types. Their previous customers should be ready to sing their praises and provide good references regarding their work and professionalism. Reputable roofing contractors may even be featured in local media or take on municipal roofing jobs and repairs.


Good History and Longevity

Established contractors have the benefit of long-term experience. Having a long history means that if problems do arise, you’ll know exactly where to go to have them rectified. An established roofing contractor will have a local, physical address, not just a website. Roofing contractors who have been in business a long time are more likely to have good references and to have completed a large number of jobs in the local area.


Certifications, Licensing, and Insurance

Reputable and trustworthy roofing contractors will have the proper licenses and insurance for their work. They’ll carry insurance for their workers, as well. An established contractor will also likely have specific certifications from one or more roofing material suppliers.


Working with the Best

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